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Life is art… when you look good, you feel good!

Valli Ware, founder of Valli Naturals pure skin care.  A cheerful, yet soothing line enriched with the finest ingredients from nature. Valli Naturals are made fresh in small batches with love in Canada, and are available to purchase using link below:

Valli Naturals


I was introduced to the beauty industry many years ago. I started out as a consultant for a major skin care company at Holt Renfrew, downtown Calgary. From there, I attended a Makeup College and explored my options as a freelance pro makeup artist, while freelancing; I attended a Natural Healing College and studied Holistic Health. I admire both health and beauty and feel truly honored to offer both important services.

I’ve had my fair share of life’s challenges and experiences that have set me on a path to discover my Holistic Healing gifts.  My high level of compassion and understanding helps serve my clients on the deepest level.  I have personally been on the healing path for over a decade, and I tap into my own healing journey and transformation to help others on theirs. I believe experience is the best form of learning and has served me well.  Real healing and transformation comes from an open mind and heart, and the willingness to let go of what no longer serves you.  This allows space for the new gifts to emerge. It takes perseverance, strong will, determination, and a lot of courage to heal. The rewards are astounding – and priceless.

Years and years of working with ‘professional’ products filled with toxic ingredients caused my body and energy to react in negatives ways.  My endocrine system was suffering and later I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease. Nature, herbs, supplements and energy healing played a huge role in getting my system back to balance. Also, choosing to eliminate toxic ingredients in my beauty products helped tremendously.  Choosing to heal naturally was a personal choice- it was the deepest level of healing; it cured my internal organs and cleared the emotional and mental blockages in the gentle, powerful way that nature intended for humans to heal. Today, I still have my thyroid (YAY, it’s balanced and working great) my health is restored and I feel wonderful!

Spending hours applying and retouching makeup on models during photo shoots and at the beauty counter,  my hands would rash up from all the chemicals I was exposed to. It was obvious that I have a sensitive system and the toxic ingredients were creating a negative response,  I needed to find healthier alternatives which lead me to create my own line of skin care products.

I have spent years and years experiencing with different lines of natural, organic products.  I’ve tried many.  From all of this trial and error – I am delighted to be able to offer exceptional products at exceptional prices.  Valli Naturals are strategically formulated to work for you effectively & NATURALLY.

Expressing your true beauty will empower others to express theirs.  What a BEAUTIFUL thing!!


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