Airbrush Tips

You’re committed to getting an organic airbrush tan.  Here’s what  you need to know before you come to your appointment:

IMPORTANT TIPS-  Come freshly showered (the night before or the day of the appt). Shave or wax the day before the airbrush session (we want pores to be closed). Exfoliate the day before your airbrush with an oil free product, some oil based scrubs will leave a film on the skin which will result in an un-even application. A  loofa and a gentle water-based body wash is ideal for exfoliating.

Come to the appointment fresh, with no lotions/oils, no makeup (foundations, blush, bronzers) and no deodorant, and you must have loose, dark fitted clothes to change into. If coming from work or running errands, lotions/makeup can be washed off at the salon.  Flip Flops or loose shoes are recommended.  Moisturize twice a day leading up to your appointment (but not the day of the appointment)  & moisturize twice daily after the tan has completely developed. Moisturized skin tans easier and  the tan lasts longer.

Right after the tanning session, clients need to wait 5-8 hours for the tan to develop, so- no water (bathing, showering, hot tubs, oceans, dishes, washing hands or laundry etc.) Also, no perspiring (going to gym or any kind of exercise) during developing time. While developing (first 5-8 hours) refrain from applying lotions/butters, creamy foundation or deodorant. Lip balm/gloss, lip stick and mascara are fine to wear while tan is developing.

What do I wear while I am getting my airbrush tan applied? For WOMEN it’s totally preference and what you feel comfortable in: a majority of women wear their underwear, bra, swim wear or if they don’t want tan lines they tan nude. For MEN, it’s FDA required they wear boxers, briefs, speedo’s or swim wear. Men don’t need to wax before the airbrush, the formula works amazing under hair.

It’s True, we feel sexier with a great TAN! 

REFRAIN from these mistakes when you prepare for your airbrush tan:
~ hair removal (waxing) should be done before your airbrush tan
~ refrain from exfoliating the tan off too early, allow for the tan to fade naturally on its own
~ hair appointments should be done before your airbrush tan
~  mani/pedi should be done before your airbrush tan
~ wear, loose fitting clothes to put on immediately after your tan- think Baggy (sweat pants YES!) (flip flops YES!) (no jeans or tight workout pants or tops)
~ while tan is developing, wait 5-8 hours before you shower
~ while tan is developing, wait 5-8 before going to the gym or any exercising  (Sweating in the first 5-8 will result in an Un-even tan)
~ if you are sleeping in your airbrush, wear long, loose fitting clothes to sleep in.  (If solution gets on your sheets, don’t worry it washes out easily!)
~ do not keep your airbrush tan on for more than 24 hours (shower within suggested time period)
~ recommended not to wear a bra home from your tan …  If it is hot in your car crank the AC, and watch your seat belt so it’s not smearing off your tan
~ Please avoid wearing wool, nylon and silk while your tan is activating, DHA has been known to react with these fabrics
~ If traveling while tan is still developing, refrain from carrying your purse or bags on shoulder
~ No scratching skin or crying while tan is developing


YOU WANT RESULTS YOU DESERVE!  Enjoy every minute of feeling healthier and sexier!! 

* For maximum results, moisturize daily with a chemical, paraben free body lotion
* If you want to enjoy consistent color ~ I suggest on an appointment once a week/ 10 days, or when the tan has completely faded
* Use a gentle chemical free, gentle body wash (no harsh bar soaps, or  crazy harsh toners)
* Avoid products with alcohol
* Avoid swimming in public pools and oceans, avoid washing dishes for the first 5-8 hours
* Avoid sauna’s and steam rooms
* No wash cloths,  No Srubs
* Shower less, Shower quicker
* Medium water instead of hot water
* Pat dry instead of rub dry
* Avoid products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).
* Avoid mineral oil and petroleum jelly
* Avoid harsh makeup removers and bleaching products.
* Avoid AHA (alpha hydroxy acids), anti-aging, anti-acne products and band-aids.

LOVE every minute of your PERFECT airbrush tan!!