Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salts

by valli on March 28, 2013

DSCF4050 Himalayan Pink Crystal Salts!

Bathing with Himalayan Pink Crystal Salts and your favorite essential oil is an enjoyable activity to unwind and relax from the everyday stresses of a long day. Here are some many health benefits from this incredible salt. (If you have health or heart troubles consult your physician before using these salts.)

* Promotes stable PH balance in the cells

* Helps control the body water levels

* Encourages excellent blood sugar health

* Reduces the common signs of aging

* Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation

* Aiding vascular health

* Supporting healthy respiratory function

* Lowering incidence if sinus problems

* Increasing bone strength

* Helps promote healthy sleep patterns

* Creating a healthy libido

* Helps with cleansing the energy field

* Contains all the trace elements and minerals, required by the body


When harmony exists within your heart, then balance is present within your mind, and health is expressed within your body.  ~ Unknown

Peace and health to all!

~ Valli

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