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by valli on March 13, 2013


WE all LOVE COLOR!!  I am a huge fan of Navy and Coral, a beautiful contrast when mixed together!!


In makeup college,  makeup artists are required to know color. Exploring color theory and the color wheel we learned to use makeup to experiment with color in various ways. It is wise to use color combinations in a harmonious flow to produce balance within the face. Other wise; makeup can appear chaotic or unbalanced.

Color theory began with the observation of light passing through a prism and the effects. The prism divided the white light into the colors of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan indigo and purple. Natural light is made up of 7 colors. Further experiments found that all color could be made from 3 basic colors, red, yellow and blue (primary colors) which when mixed together in light, make white. The color wheel is made up around these colors.


Talking color…

Some dimensions and qualities of color include;  Hue, Value, Shade, Tint, & Intensity. 

Colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel are known as Complementary colors. These colors work well together but due to the great contrast will create a dramatic effect.

Recently, I was doing the makeup for a woman who was being interviewed on television for an upcoming achievement award. She was styled in a navy blue dress, so we kept her eye makeup subtle and classic and applied a deep coral lipstick. The contrast between the navy dress and the lipstick was stunning. The look was professional yet totally appropriate for her amazing accomplishment.

Using contrasting colors, artists can correct certain color problems:

To cancel blue under eye circles, use an orange based concealer.  To hide redness in the cheeks or blemishes, use a green based concealer.  To counteract purple circles under the eye, use a yellow based concealer.

Have a wonderful day, may it be filled with glorious Color!

~ Valli



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