Reiki… Universal Love

by valli on February 5, 2013

Living with Reiki


Reiki heals every aspect of our lives. It is a powerful universal energy  that clears energy blockages, cures illnesses, soothes our emotions & physical bodies, offers mental clarity, increased awareness and focus. This enables us to create the life we dream of.

What does the word “Reiki” mean?  Let us look at the word Reiki itself. The first books about Reiki in English translated the two Japenese ‘Kanji’ or pictograms that represent the word meaning “universal life force energy.” The ‘Rei’ was thought to signify “universal transcendental spirit” or “boundless essence.” The ‘ki’ represents “life force energy,” and is equivalent to Chi or Prana in it’s own quality. It would seem, however, that a more accurate translation is “sacred energy.”

Reiki treatments are excellent for stress. Not only will they relieve the symptoms of stress, such as mood swings, anger, and anxiety, Reiki will work on the root cause and give us awareness to prevent us building stress in the first place.

Reiki enables us to take responsibility for our own life and empower ourselves. Its tremendous healing power is available at all times anywhere.

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Cynthia Occelli February 6, 2013 at 4:52 pm

Thank you for sharing this, Valli. It helps so much to understand these meanings. Keep writing. I’m listening and learning! :)


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