by valli on April 11, 2013

ReikiReiki was developed in Japan by a man called Mikao Usui…

Reiki involves working with the energy body. The energy body, also known as the chakra system.

Working with the chakras was added after Hawayo Takata passed away. Takata and  Mikao Usui did not use this system, instead they concentrated working with the hara, which is vital to Japanese and Chinese energy work from Buddhist meditation to martial arts.

The hara, which is located just below your navel, and is the stone house of your energy.  This energy isn’t to be muddled with ki (chi), this was the energy you were born with. Working with hara, it can help us to support our chi, which will enormously improve our health and raise our consciousness to a higher level.

Ki (chi) is the vital essence we depend on for life, it is our crucial source. The Universe is energy. Out of energy every single thing is created. The energy your body was created is the same as that of an ocean, forest or mountains were created. This energy unifies the Universe. Circulating chi around the chakras in the body aids healing and increases awareness of the higher self.

The energy body is the one we can not see, but through energy work we can feel. Each persons physical body is unique, and has its own energetic signature, similar to a finger print which is unalike someone else’s.

Reiki is an ancient 'laying on the hands' healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism.

Reiki is an ancient ‘laying on the hands’ healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism.

Reiki experienced through all the stages of life- will increase our vitality as we draw in and balance the chi needed to keep our bodies and minds healthy and in optimal condition. It will also give us a more positive perspective on life, this itself is a vital attitude for the life you dream to create. Practicing Reiki gives us the wisdom and the power to clear blockages that hold us back.

Happy Spring,

~ Valli

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