How to avoid uneven results

Here are some tips to avoid uneven results.

-Wearing lotions or products prior their tanning session (will create a barrier and block DHA from developing properly)
-Didn’t bring proper clothes to leave in (if they leave in jeans/tight clothes it could potentially move the tan)
-Put a tight bra on when they got dressed to leave
-The seatbelt was rubbing up against bare skin after their appointment
-Wore shorts after their session, back of legs stuck to the car seat
-Did dishes/laundry when they got home (splashing water)
-Washed their hands while the tan was still developing
-Put on beauty products or creamy makeup while the tan was still developing
-Sweating before the first shower or in sleep (if sleeping in airbrush while developing, use a fan to refrain from sweating)
-Tried on a bunch of clothes when they got home
-Exfoliated and scrubbed off the tan too early, this will result to blotchiness (allow the tan to fade on its own naturally)

 JUST in case you forgot,

-The solution is organic, paraben free, and never tested on animals
-The solution is antioxidant rich & skin firming- a BONUS luxury to your tanning indulgence
-Way healthier than other brands of solution on the market (98% of  ingredients are natural & Organic!)
-Never looks fake or uneven  (please follow recommendations)
-Color Solutions customized to you preference and skin tone
-The aroma is amazing, smells like a day at the beach

ALWAYS a natural bronzed glow. YOU will have results you can ‘GLOW’ about!